Friday, November 9, 2012

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 5 - 9/22/12


Rooster crowed at 6:30 per normal for him.... and kept crowing until 7 am!    Now, I know some of you out there are thinking, "What the heck???  This chick actually WANTS her rooster to crow a lot of a morning????"   He doesn't crow all day like most roosters...he wakes us up and then he shuts up.  I like that in a rooster. 

I'm just looking for the return to normal, is all.  This rooster is not an excessively noisy bird when he's in the best of health, but he is usually consistent with his timing and duration of crow.  He's back!  Now, when I see him breeding the hens, I'll relax about the rooster. 

The hens all shuffled through the nest boxes all morning long but no one laid an egg.  It's good to see renewed interest in the nest boxes.  More normal behavior... good sign. 

The fermented feed has finally started to smell and look like it should.... should be ready to feed by this evening! 

The local murder of crows successfully fought off a small hawk this morning (small and grey… couldn't identify it from a distance but could see that it was a hawk) ....couldn't be more pleased than if I had hired them myself for just this purpose.  I heard the same family of crows doing battle with a red tail hawk further up the hill the day before yesterday.  Who needs the dog when you have the most vigilant and noisy crow pack in the neighborhood?  

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 6 - 9/23/12

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