Friday, November 9, 2012

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 18 - 10/7/12


Daily update on the Gnarly Bunch:   No eggs.  Not one, darn it.  But, I see much evidence of good nutrition and the loss of the parasitic infestations paying off.  More and smoother feathering, the chests are definitely filling out… even on the skinniest bird, and I noticed several legs with old, damaged scales trying to slough off. 

I have my eye on the Middle Sister, the one White Rock that still looks skinny and pretty scraggly.  She is the one with the swollen joints in her ankles and toes.  I'm going to give her time but I'm wondering if that joint swelling, which is not going away on her new diet and environment, is symptomatic of arthritis and could be causing her to not thrive.  Of all the birds, she has made the least progress.  She is probably almost half of her normal size and weight and, whereas Raggedy Ann is making great strides in recovering, Middle Sister isn't. 

Her poop is good, she is moving and eating good, and she has spunk....but her feet look swollen, though she does not show disability there.  She is not putting on good flesh and feathering like the rest of the White Rocks, who are the same age and genetic make-up.  I'll try to get pics tomorrow of what she looks like now so you can compare with what she looked like at one week. 

If I do a cull before colder weather, it will be this hen.  I know what it feels like to have arthritis pain when cold and damp weather sets in and it isn't fun.  I see no reason to make her suffer through the winter just to prove I can nurse her back to her former self, if I even can... I'm not so sure on this one. 

Last check of the night on the Gnarly Bunch:  Guess who has a perfectly clean butt and perfectly normal poops???   Yes!  You guessed it!  Miss Messy Butt of the infamous butt pictures!!!!        

That does it...I'm buying stock in NuStock. 
Clean, pink and no juice, no smell, no runny brown discharge, no swelling.  Watched a normal chicken poop drop as the light was shining directly on signs of ulcers at the corners of the vent. 
Two days from that horrible, nothing. 
I've decided to call her Ruby Crockett, after my granny. 

Gnarly Bunch - Chapters 19 & 20 - 10/8/12 - 10/9/12


  1. This is better than any book I've ever read!! So informative, and FREE info!! I'm wondering if NuStock is any thing close to the PineNee oil Daddy used to keep (the only medicine in his animal medicine chest). Can't find PineNee oil anywhere, so am going to try the NuStock. Seem that's the only medicine I'll need in my animal medicine chest!!


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