Friday, November 9, 2012

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 23 - 10/13/12


Daily update on the Gnarly Bunch:  Removed packing from the enlarged glands on Middle Sister's feet and the cavities look clean and good.  Placed more NS in the hole and will hope that they do not get impacted with filth again.  With her cleaner living conditions, I doubt it will be a problem. 

Found another bird with the exact same condition and removed large pieces of impacted filth in her foot glands as well.  They were not as swollen as MS's but they looked like it should be uncomfortable. 

Examined other feet and could spot the gland on their feet but it was not enlarged, open or impacted with anything.  In their normal state and appearance the gland is no bigger than the eye of a needle and even smaller on the smaller birds.  MS's and this other bird's glands were the size of a lentil and MS's were very deep.  Can you imagine what it felt like to be walking around with impacted glands between your toes??  Ouch. 

One egg today. 

When examining birds tonight I was amazed at how heavy they have grown in such a short time...very happy with the muscle growth and mass of all of them.  They have all, each and every one, gained weight and muscle mass to their frames.  I'm very pleased. 

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 24 - 10/13/12


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