Saturday, June 24, 2017

Chicken Keeping Without Plastic

By Guest-Writer, Ginny Chandoha

Being a chicken keeper is a daunting task if you are raising chicks yourself for the first time. You can read every book, and look at every chicken-related website, but it’s just like having children for the first time. There are situations you won’t find answers to anywhere and have to come up with your own plan of attack.

We raise our chickens ultra-organically. I say that because we go above and beyond what is called for in organic poultry keeping rules and regulations. While there is much discussion on feed and environment, when it comes to what our birds will eat or drink from is considered  standard, but not anything that could or should be considered organic and non-toxic. After all, we are what we eat, eats.

Having overcome an “incurable” autoimmune condition 8 years ago, I am always on the alert to anything potentially toxic to my health, and as a result, I carry that awareness into how I keep all my animals, furred and feathered.