Friday, November 9, 2012

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 10 - 9/27/12


GOOD:  Toby was crowing today... a lot.  Not his usual performance.  Then I look out and see him chasing a hen!!!  GO, TOBY!!!  Toby feeling his oats and wanting to breed is a good sign, and the first I've seen since their arrival.  Good for him! 

BAD:  He didn't catch her.... 

He used to shine like fire and I know he will again one of the reasons I chose this breed of rooster was because of the multicolored feathering and the regal bearing...that and it was a Plymouth Rock variation for my layer genetics. 

GOOD:  Two eggs today!  Both medium to large in size, nice speckling, shells medium strong... not quite there yet.  Yolks were large and very orange-golden, whites were not runny and stood up well.  The eggs were not fertile, so Toby still not in action quite yet. 

Also?  One of the hens actually announced her delivery... like a normal hen would do.  This is music to my ears!  So far, one BR and one BA are the only hens laying. 

Gnarly Bunch - Chapter 11 - 9/28/12

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