Friday, November 8, 2013

Make Your NCK Calendar Photo Selections!

Prelim Selection I
Prelim Selection III
Prelim Selection IV 
Prelim Selection V
Prelim Selection VI
This will be the first of at least 4 posts where you can vote on what photos you would like to see in the 2014 Natural Chicken Keeping Calendar.

Photo Submissions are now closed.

Voting is now Closed.
























 ***Voting Results!***


  1. Someone Familiar - Not TellingNovember 8, 2013 at 12:36 PM

    What if I like 'em all? Huh?

    1. LOL! Unfortunately we can't fit them ALL in the calendar... and there are more to come! No matter what, it should be a beautiful calendar. :-)

  2. I got my votes in! It was hard, but I narrowed it down. Great photos!

  3. What kind of hen is that in number 10? I have a hen that looks just like that and I don't know what she is.

    1. That is a Swedish Flower Hen - they were first imported to the US in 2010.
      See more about the breed HERE.
      Leigh :-)

    2. Thank you for the link! Earlier this year I got 8 feed store chicks that were labeled as Easter Eggers. These chicks have grown into 8 beautiful hens that lay Blue, Green and Olive eggs and most have beards, tufts or both but one single hen has no beard, no tufts, she simply looks like your hen in the number 10 photo. She is even developing the shiny white on red ear lobes that her EE sisters do not have.

    3. Interesting! Sounds like someone dropped the wrong chick in the brooder. Does she have a single comb instead of a pea comb? There are a number of breeds that can look a bit like this. Feel free to email me a photo and perhaps we can help solve the mystery.

    4. It's actually kind of like a cushion. She's a pretty hen but I think she's just a total mutt. Some of the other EE girls have the pretty red on blue of some of the Swedish Flower Hens I was looking at so I think that maybe there was a parent not too far back in their gene pool.


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