Monday, November 25, 2013

The Natural Chicken Keeping 2014 Calendar is Now Available

Great news, everyone! The Natural Chicken Keeping 2014 Calendar is available to US customers... but don't worry - I'll be working on a calendar that should be available in Canada, the UK, Australia, and a number of other countries today. I will announce the international copy when it has been completed. And yes - that version will also be available in the US... but at a slightly higher price than this version. (Different sources.)

I have created two versions of the calendar. The standard version includes seasonal tips for chicken keepers. An example of the standard version (of course there are no watermarks on the calendar.

The "Minimalist" version does not include the tips - perfect for your non-chicken-keeping friends and family who will enjoy the beautiful photos.

 I plan to release both versions in the international calendar also, so stay tuned if you live outside the US.

 Click this photo to get your Calendar!


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