Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crossing the Road - The Adventure of Lucille the Chicken (Part III)

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Given her temporary reprieve, Lucille allowed her eyes to close, and slipped into a fitful sleep.

Crossing the Road - The Adventure of Lucille the Chicken 
(Part III)
As the first rays of sun peeked over the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains, Lucille began to stir. Only upon trying to move did she realize just how sore her little body was this morning. Her lungs ached when she drew her breath and she could feel each new scab that had developed  over every scrape, cut and wound as she had slept. 

Slowly Lucille tested her legs. Her left leg was bruised from the fall, but still seemed to be in good working order otherwise. Her right leg... Ouch! The swollen flesh around each of the puncture wounds made by the hawk's grip had caused swelling around her thigh and chest. But somehow Lucille needed to get moving and get home!

Slowly she made her way to the opening of the small cave under the tree where she had hidden throughout the night. As she peeked through, the hawk's sharp eyes caught her movement, and he took wing. Lucille pulled back from the opening quickly. But much to her surprise, the hawk did not appear at the opening.

From far above, a new sound cut through the air. Something out there was making quite a ruckus, in fact!

Gathering her nerve, Lucille peeked out of the hole once again. Up in the sky a murder of crows had spied the hawk and had taken up chase, swooping and pecking at the bird as it tried evade their tenacious, black army.

This was exactly the chance Lucille needed to attempt an escape! If only her aching body would comply with her desire to climb out of the hole. As she clamored toward the opening, the soft earth gave way under her feet. Again she tried and again the earth slipped away, covering her chest in slippery, dark mud as her feet slipped from under her. Finally her left foot found a foothold of small roots and she pushed herself up through the tight opening.

Above her Lucille could hear the raucous cacophony of angry crows as they continued their onslaught against the hawk. As quickly as she could, Lucille scrambled into the dense underbrush of the forest and started her journey homeward.

But just which way was homeward? 

Limping, Lucille used her left wing to help stabilize her as she moved forward. Traveling was no easy task in the heavy brambles and brush, but she knew she had to remain hidden if she was to ever see her home again. Her injuries prevented swiftness, but her intelligence and instinct provided her with cover and a sense of the direction in which she needed to go. Resting frequently, Lucille kept a generally east-bound course... as much as the underbrush would allow. Every now and again she came into the open and had to make a scramble for the next patch of dense brush.

Hours passed and Lucille's body ached with each step. She was forced to rest more frequently to give her injuries reprieve from her long trek, but she could sense that home was growing closer. The distant sound of a rooster's crow came to her ears on the wind, lifting her spirits and hope. She scrambled a bit faster, but after another hundred feet found herself at the edge of a large, open pasture with no safe cover to speak of.

How would she get across this space without attracting the attention of another hungry raptor. What if there were dogs? Or coyotes? Or foxes? The mountains were filled with predators of every kind who would love a fresh chicken dinner!


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  2. I ment to say, I am going to tell my Grandkids this wonderful story!! Thank you.

  3. Enjoying the story

  4. I'm holding my breath!!!!

  5. OMChickens!!!!! You can do it Lucille!!! Get on home!!!!


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