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  2. I have a question, I have 4 very young Pullets, that are now 10 &11 weeks of age. 3 of them are (Amerecaunas) born March 9th 2015. and 1 is a (Barred Rock) born March 1st and they have been living with the older hens and the rooster for 2 weeks now.
    Monday, 2 days ago I went to refresh and cool the water in the coop in the middle of the day, and I spotted the tiniest little egg I've ever seen, from any of my chickens. In the 3 years that I have been raising Chickens.
    And I couldn't believe that my little chicks could possibly be laying eggs at that age but sure enough one of them did, Wow!
    All of my other hens are full grown hens, and I do have 15 younger chicks that are (Easter Egger's) who were hatched on Easter Sunday, who were out running around in the large pen that day also but there is no way it could be from one of them, is there?

  3. I can send a picture of the egg too, if you would like to see it!


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