Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Broody Bunch

Here's the story,
Of a lovely lady,
Who was sitting on 2 very lovely eggs.
both of them were Swedish Flower,
Like their mother,
Though they resembled tiny kegs.

Here's the story,
Of another lady,
Who was busy with two eggs of her own,
They were three chooks,
Living all together,
Yet they were all alone.

'Till this one day when this lady met this lady,
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
That this flock would somehow form a family...
And that's the way they all became the Broody Bunch!

The Broody Bunch.

The Broody Bunch.

 That's the way they all became the Broody Bunch!



  1. I LOVE IT!!!
    I hated the tv show, totally despised the song, but I just love how you have twisted something old into something new, cute, original(?) and just plain great!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Q:
    The containers/boxes/??? that the chickens are in....
    what are those?? they look like they are perfect for brooding...
    I mean, are they made for the chickens??
    or are they made for something else & you're using them for the chickens??
    Regardless of which it is, those are some cool looking containers/boxes/???!!!

    Unfortunately, I live in an Apt. & having chickens is nicht erlaubt (not allowed).

    1. James - The containers are cheap, stackable storage bins that I got at Walmart. They are perfect for chickens, although they need to be affixed to the wall if you stack them (so the birds don't topple them when they jump on and off. Best yet, if a hen goes broody, I can move her entire nest to a new location so she isn't disturbed during the brooding process. I got mine for $5 each. :-)


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