Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bird Shots - Portraits of Chickens

One thing that many non-chicken people don't know is that every chicken has its own personality. Right from the start that personality is evident. Not only that, but chickens are expressive! It is not hard to tell what mood your chickens are in just by watching their faces and body language.

Look at the expressions in each of the faces or in the body language of the chickens below. How do you think these birds are feeling? What are they thinking?





 This chick was the victim of an incubator malfunction and is temporarily wearing orthopedic shoes to help straighten its toes.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Leave a comment and tell us about a unique personality living in your coop!




  1. Such wonderful photos and chicks! I should have realized from the beginning but its true, the shy ones have stayed shy. Reclusive, the same. Meanies are still picking on others. Adventurous and friendly are always first to try the new food, 1st to run to me begging for a tidbit but willingly share. They are an entertainment and source of wonder!

    1. Thank you for the compliment on the photos, and so true about the chickens! I have some that are standoffish and some that are snuggle bugs. I have one EE that is afraid of her own shadow, and another bird that will run up to me to check out a giant tarp that is flapping like a monster in the wind. Each one is an individual, and it's another reason I'm addicted to these critters!

  2. The photos are always wonderful here!! I have found it soooo true of initial personalities that never change. I have a gold laced Wyandotte who it top of the hen food chain and a speckled Sussex who gets pecked on by the Wyandotte, the Sussex in turn pecks everyone else. This they have done since chicks. I have often thought of putting them alone together in a pen, but alas, another couple of hens would just take their place! Actually, when you think of it, aren't they a lot like us??!!

    1. Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for sharing the personalities of your flock members with us!

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