Monday, October 14, 2013

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt-n-Peck with Awesome PRIZES!

If you love to hunt and peck as much as your chickens do, if you would love a GREAT new book on wholesome, all-natural ways to keep your flock healthy and happy, and if you might be just a wee bit competitive, then get ready to have a blast!

Our friend Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily has offered up a signed copy of her new book Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens... Naturally to the First Place winner of this scavenger hunt-n-peck!

If you are already a fan of Lisa's blog then you're probably already excited about the release of her new book. We at Natural Chicken Keeping are big fans of FED!! I have told Lisa before that while Fresh Eggs Daily is the "Gingham & Lace" chicken keeping blog, Natural Chicken Keeping is the "Torn Denim and Old Shoe Leather" blog. Yet we both have the same goal - spreading the word about all-natural methods of raising chickens. 

We're hoping that as soon as Lisa's life settles down a bit following the release of her book we'll see her out on our ever-growing Natural Chicken Keeping Forum, sharing her great chemical-free advice, recipes and creative ideas. You'll come see us, right Lisa?

Our Second Place contestant will receive a brand new 12 oz. tube of Nu-Stock Ointment!

OK - enough small talk! Ready??

Mandatory Scavenger Hunt-n-Peck Tasks to Enter:

*A* To officially enter the Amazing Scavenger Hunt-n-Peck, "peck" the leave a comment button on this blog post and comment with only your first name (or preferred user name) and the number of chickens you currently have. (The number doesn't have to be exact.) This will be your game ID.
My own entry would look like: 
Leigh 58 
or if I didn't want to share my actual name publicly:  
Bulldogma 58

*B* Natural Chicken Keeping has an Article Index page. Using our Article Index, find the article that would answer your questions about how much coop and run space you need for your chickens. Leave a comment with your game ID on that post simply stating you were there. Mine would say:

"Leigh 58 was here" 

*C* To prevent the lazy folks from simply copying the answers that other people post, I will have you email me answers to the following at Copy & paste the following into your email with your answers

<Start Copy> 

  • 1) Natural Chicken Keeping has a Forum where people can share all-natural chicken keeping tips as well as recipes, coop designs, crafts, gardening tips, classified ads and more. Under the heading "Coops, Barns, Runs, Yards & Building Projects," which user posted the topic: "hoop pens, modular designs & more?"
  • (Answer)
  • 2) Who wrote the article on the Natural Chicken Keeping Blog with the title, "Benefits of Lacto-Fermenting Feed for Chickens?"
  • (Answer)
  • 3) Which blog will be doing a book review of the book Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens... Naturally on October 21st?
  • (Answer)
  • 4) What is the first advertisement to appear on the top right side of the Fresh Eggs Daily Blog? (It's just under the header.)
  • (Answer)
  • 5) Natural Chicken Keeping is not the only blog hosting the Fresh Eggs Daily blog tour this week. What non-chicken animal is pictured in the header of the other blog hosting the tour and a book giveaway this week?
  • (Answer)
  • 6) Specify any optional "Extra Entries" from the next section in the following manner:
    • +1 Entry - Liked FaceBook page & commented as (your FaceBook account name)
    • +1 Entry - Following NCK Blog as (user name)
    • +1 Entry - Joined NCK forum as (user name)
    • +1 Entry (Each share) - Shared blog post on (link(s) to sources)
<End Copy - Go Paste!>

Earn Extra Entries (Optional):

  • If you have a FaceBook account, "Like" the Natural Chicken Keeping Page and leave a comment with your game ID (Example: "Bond 007 was here.") Let me know in your email entry what name you are under so I can verify your "Like."
    (+1 Entry)
  • "Follow" the Natural Chicken Keeping Blog via the "Join This Site" button or the "Follow by Email" selection. Let me know in your email entry what name you are under so I can verify you are a NCK Blog follower.
    (+1 Entry)
  • Join the Natural Chicken Keeping Forum. Let me know in your email entry what user name you joined under for verification purposes.
    (+1 Entry)
  • Share this blog post - FaceBook, Twitter, Your Blog... (+1 Entry) for each verifiable method of sharing!


The first 10 email entries I receive will get a (+1 Entry) automatically! 

A First Place and Second Place winner will be randomly selected from all the entries with correct responses received by 11:59 P.M. on Monday, October 28, 2013. I will be going through to verify the winning contestants have completed ALL Scavenger Hunt-n-Peck tasks correctly. All mandatory tasks must be completed to win.


Visit all the other stops along the Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour to read some more great reviews and to enter for more chances to win a copy of the book!

Week One

October 14th
Louise's Country Closet & Natural Chicken Keeping

October 15th

October 16th
The Nerdy Farmwife & Lessons Learned from the Flock

October 17th
Colored Egg Homestead & Our Neck Of the Woods

October 18th
Let This Mind Be in You & Sunny Simple Life


Scavenger Hunt-n-Peck Contestants - -

On your mark...

Get set...



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 4 Hey, I would love love to win the book I becuse I am new at this and I know NOTHING.....I bought a used chicken or hen pen last Saturday and it came with four hens. I named them Matilda, Yolkam, Henrietta, and Kentucky...We got them Saturday evening and they still haven't laid eggs, we are feeding them laying mash and veggie scraps do you have any suggestions for me? Could they just be nervous from the move and the new surroundings maybe....Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated...I mean I am not quiet ready for chicken and dumplins I did buy them for the eggs....

    2. Jane - any move can set chickens off their laying for a few weeks, so be patient. Once they are comfortable, they'll start laying again. It's also a time of year when most hens stop laying for a bit as their bodies prepare for winter. They may be molting right now as many chickens are.

      How old are they? Certain breeds stop laying regularly after 2-3 years of age.

      BUT - right now I would think that it is simply the move that has them unsettled.
      Happy to have you here!

    3. thank you so much, the guy I bought these from told me they were molting, but I didnt know that effected laying eggs...he didnt mention that...good to know

  2. moxies_chickienuggets16

  3. bluebirdnanny 5


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