Monday, October 31, 2016

Meal Worms - High In Protein & Great for Molting Chickens

Ahhh, fall! A time of beautiful foliage on the trees and fewer feathers on your birds. During the molt, chickens need a diet of higher protein to help their bodies produce more feathers. And eggs? Yeah - in any laying hen over the age of 9 months, you can expect far fewer (if any) eggs until they have finished molting and recovered fully.

Read about the Molting process HERE.
Read more about molting HERE.

While chickens love meal worms year-round, molting time is a great time to make sure your flock get plenty of this high-protein treat! Scratch grains average only about 8% protein but meal worms? Try 52% protein, babyyy! THAT is what your chickens need more of in order to thrive!

Recently the Picky Neb Mealworm Company sent me a 30oz bag of their product to try out and review, and let me just say... I can't say enough good things about their product! The first thing I noticed was that the Picky Neb mealworms are LARGER than the mealworms I have seen from other companies. That makes them easier for the chickens to find when I toss them in the coop or outside in the grass. And when the chickens can find their snacks easily, it means less waste.

Did my birds love them? Let's just say that since I started tossing this delicious treat into my chicken yard, the birds have picked up the habit of loitering about my back door, waiting...
And when I go out, I had best have those snacks with me lest I face the wrath of those mother-cluckers!

When they heard we were reviewing a new product, my flock quickly started vying for the title of "Picky Neb Spokesbird."

 "Picky Neb Mealworms... Almost as pretty as we are!"

  "Picky Neb Mealworms make me jump for joy!"

  "If you're picky, pick Picky Neb Mealworms."
(Try saying that sentence 3 times as fast as you can.)

  "Hello. I'm Harriet and I pick Picky Neb Mealworms." 

  "Picky Neb Mealworms... gobble them up before the guinea fowl grab them all!"

  "I stand by my endorsement of Picky Neb Mealworms...
God, I'm sexy!"

 "Giving thanks for my Picky Neb Mealworms."
(What? It's fowl humor!)

And those are the only photos in which the product could be seen. The rest of the photos I took were comprised of 25++ fluffy chicken butts swarming the bag.

 I can honestly say that my flock and I love this product!

Find them on Amazon HERE.

Disclosure: I received a free 30oz bag of Picky Neb Meal Worms from the Picky Neb company in exchange for writing a review on the Natural Chicken Keeping blog.  I only do reviews for products that fit well with this blog and that I truly recommend.


  1. Chubbymealworms has much better pricing.

    1. Polakslady,

      I'm not sure where you found "better pricing" from Chubby mealworms.
      I've just double checked the prices on Amazon:

      Chubby Mealworms 1.5 Lb - $19.99
      Chubby Mealworms 2 Lb - $22.49

      Picky Neb 30 Ounce (1.87) - currently $16.99

  2. Do you know if these are grown and harvested in the United States?
    Thanks, Lisa

    1. Got this from Amazon. We import our dried meal worms mostly from China. We would love to source all of our dried mealworms from within the USA, however this is just not possible. We can't source enough dried mealworms at the cost low enough in order to satisfy the demand, unfortunately.
      Please feel safe knowing that all of our dried mealworms are fully USDA and FDA approved. There are very strict rules in place when it comes to importing dried mealworms into the United States. Our suppliers are registered with the FDA and every shipment comes with certificates of origin and veterinary health certificates. This documentation needs to match the stipulations on our import permit. Otherwise the shipment will not be allowed into the country. All of the documentation has to be checked and verified by the FDA, US CBP and USDA, along with physical inspections and checks that are also carried out on a regular basis.
      All of these inspections make sure that our product is 100% natural, high quality and safe. We are trying our best to find the suppliers in US but until then rest assured knowing that we are dedicated to bringing you the best dried meal worms on the market, at the most affodrable price possible.
      Our chickens LOVE our mealworms. We don't just sell the product. We actively use it for our own animals. I hope this helps.
      Denys @ Picky Neb

  3. When your chicken has enough protein in their diet, they’ll be able to produce eggs at their peak. There have been many accounts of chicken lovers noticing an improvement in flavour and size of their eggs after they started to feed their flock the recommended serving size of mealworms. Eggs are almost entirely protein, so mealworm are the perfect eggstra treat in any laying hens diet


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