Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NCK Online Show Awards Ceremony

Well - this post would have come out much sooner, but due to a glitch with Blogger, the entire post was erased when I was trying to post it the first time and I had to completely recreate it. 
Sorry for the delay!!

And with no further ado...


Champion  Cock - Frizzle Class:
 (Frizzle - Owned by Amy S.)

 Champion Barnyard Mix Cock:
(Mix - Owned by Janet G.)

Champion Feather Legged Bantam Cock / Overall Champion Cock:
(Silkie - Owned by Amy S.)


Champion Large Fowl Hen - English Class:
 Buff Orpington - Owned by Ashley E.

Champion Large Fowl Hen - Asiatic Class:
Light Brahma - Owned by Janet G.

Champion Bantam Hen - Asiatic Class / Overall Champion Hen:
Bantam Cochin - Owned by Janna D.


Champion Barnyard Mix Cockerel:
 Mix - Owned by Mandee T.

 Champion Rare Breed Cockerel:
Swedish Flower Hen cockerel - Owned by Tammi B.

Champion Feather Legged Bantam Cockerel / Overall Champion Cockerel:
Silkie - Owned by Mandee T.


Champion - Most Photogenic / Best Pose:
 Barred Rock - Owned by Barbara L.

Champion / Best of Breed Pullet:
 Barred Rock - Owned by Ashley E.

Champion Pullet - Rare & Other Breeds:
 Appenzeller Spitzhauben - Owned by Sue G.

Champion Clean Legged Bantam Pullet / Overall Champion Pullet:
Silver Sebright - Owned by Mischa C.

Junior Division:

Champion Cockerel - American Class:
Wyandotte - Owned by Callie E.

Champion Large Fowl Cockerel - English Class
Best In Show

Buff Orpington - Owned by Callie E.

Congratulations everyone!
Your prizes will be in the mail in the next week or so -
(Just as soon as I receive them)

Thank you all so very much for your participation!


  1. This was fun. :) let's do this again sometime. :) Thanks!

  2. What great fun! so enjoyed seeing all the photos! Congratulations to ALL the chickens!!!

  3. Chickens and cocks competing for the prize. That’s something never heard off. Well I enjoyed the pictures. I am sorry that you had to recreate this but this show your commitment towards your readers.


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