Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly Country Shoot Out

Welcome to the Weekly Country Shoot Out! 

If you have farm and chicken-related photos you would like to share on the Natural Chicken Keeping blog, please email them to me at:  

Photo courtesy of kian

 Photo courtesy of Kassaundra Tamplen

 Photo courtesy of LynnEBC

Photo courtesy of midnightroo

 Photo courtesy of Justine Lewis of Les Farms

 Photo courtesy of Sally8

"At the Zoo" - Photo courtesy of Kassaundra Tamplen

 Photo courtesy of kian

 Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite photos were this week!

May your week be filled with fresh country air and chickens!
Natural Chicken Keeping



  1. I love the little Barred Rock!!! <3
    I do NOT like the spider, lol!

  2. My favourite this week is the Spider by Kassaundra! So huggable LOLOL!

  3. So many great photos this week! That spider is way cool. And such pretty chickens! Great sky photo too. Can't pick a favorite!


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