Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hatching in an Ice Storm

By Leigh

   Yes - we're having quite the little ice storm here in Southern Virginia.

Most of my birds are loose and venture out here and there to grab a bite of frozen grass before retreating back into one of the coops.

But today I have the run door on the bantam coop closed. I don't want the whole flock piling in there...

Because there is something special happening in the bantam coop, just beneath this ice-covered egg door...

And no - we don't heat the coop. We simply let Mother Nature do what she does, when she wants to do it... and we let our Silkie hen, Darth 'Bator, do the same!

Stay warm, folks!



  1. I wish more people could see this, don't need to heat coops....and, way too cute!

    1. There are so many dangers associated with heating a coop. It *can* be done properly by triple-securing a hanging heat element meant for use around chickens, but unless one has very young chicks, heat isn't necessary.
      (I say this because I grow chicks out year-round in my trailer coop brooder area, and there is a heat element out there just for those chicks. If chicks are under a broody, they don't need heat to hatch or to thrive.)

  2. My broody hatched her first brood last year on New Year's weekend. About 19 degrees outside and took care of them through the winter with no added heat. For a first time it was a bit nerve racking for ME...but she did fine! :D

    Congrats, Leigh. What kind of babies are we having?

  3. Congratulations!!! How exciting! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wonderful!! Nature can handle!! We are getting some pretty intense weather here in PA also, but the girls continue to do their chicken-thing!

  5. Absolutely adorable! Glad to hear you don't heat the coop. My husband is having a hard time imagining the girls without heat. He's crazier about them than I am!


  6. Love the name, Darth 'Bator! That is hilarious!


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