Thursday, June 2, 2016

Off Topic. Let's Play A Game!

Time to Play a Game!
Give yourself a point for everything on this list that applies to you.

Have you ever:
- Texted while driving and lived to tell about it?
- Thawed meat on the counter?
- Let your child play or watch TV while you showered?
- Driven after drinking/smoking or swallowing just a teeny bit of a controlled substance?
- Forgotten to change the batteries in your home/business smoke detectors?
- Realized something dangerous was within reach of your toddler just in time?
- Hydroplaned your car?
- Let your kids eat cookie dough?
- Discovered your child wasn't properly buckled up when you went to get him/her out or that the child safety seat had not been installed correctly?
- Had a single-car accident (run into a tree/post/off the road)?
- Been responsible for a fender-bender or car accident.
- Had a young child leave the house while you slept/were occupied?
- Had your car slide on ice?
- Slammed on your breaks or swerved into the opposing lane of traffic to avoid hitting an animal in the road?
- Allowed leftovers to cool before putting them in the fridge?
- Lost your kid for more than 20 seconds in a public place?
- Walked down the side of a public road while drunk?
- Had your child to ride a bike/skateboard/scooter/horse without a helmet?
- Made a phone call while driving?
- Distracted or frightened someone driving a motor vehicle?
- Had to take your child to the ER for an injury?
- Cut through a parking lot in your vehicle instead of going to the end of the row before turning?
- Taken a photo of your kids in a public place?
- Forgotten to turn your headlights on?
- Had a child or furbaby with a mind of his/her own?
- Let your car tires get a little bit bald?
- Had a drink of hot coffee or tea while holding a baby/child/pet?
- Ridden a bicycle, walked or jogged on a busy road.
- Gone into traffic to save an animal.

What's your score? Did you answer "Yes" for one or more of the items on the list? I did.
But at least I never let my kid fall into a gorilla enclosure, right? I mean... who the heck does that?!?!
I mean, THAT is one heck of a mistake! None of the errors in judgement listed above are ANYTHING like that!

Or are they?

Ummmm... yeah. Actually they are. Any one of the above situations *could* have had a bad outcome. Any one of those lapses in judgement *could* have resulted in your own injury or injury of another. ANY of us who take a chance here and there are basically one turn of luck away from a kid in a gorilla enclosure!

Yet, what I am seeing are hundreds of thousands of people who don't seem to OWN that truth. Hundreds of thousands of individuals who are far too perfect to make a mistake like "THAT." Hundreds of thousands of people who don't want to see that a small mistake can turn into a BIG mistake in the blink of an eye.

When did we become a society of God-like judges? When did it become important to us to present ourselves as BETTER than other people? When did it become important for us to band together in anger to point our all-knowing fingers at someone who wasn't perfect for a moment? When did our errors in judgement become less important than those of other people?

And who died and made us God?

Do you understand that your next mistake could make YOU the most hated person in the country? That would suck, wouldn't it?

No - I'm not saying someone who willfully hurts another person or who makes an concerted choice to do something that endangers other people should get off the hook. That is VERY different.

What I AM saying is that there is not a single human on this planet who is infallible or incapable of making a mistake or of having a lapse in judgement.

What happened to compassion? What happened to helping our neighbors? What happened to trying to make this world a BETTER place for all of us instead of a better place just for YOU?

If we continue down this path of tearing each other apart so that we can feel superior, what happens to us as a society? What happens to YOU when you make your next mistake? And you WILL make another mistake... You ARE human.

Those people who you felt powerful with when you signed that petition or had a group discussion about someone else - someone you have never met - someone you know NOTHING about? Those very same people could end up pointing their superior, condescending fingers at YOU.

If you don't want to be the next Michelle Gregg... the next morsel of raw meat for a society of angry wolves to tear apart, then you might want to reevaluate if you really want to be one of those angry wolves.

I am quite certain this post will receive plenty of arguments, anger, and even whining. Those, my friends, are the superior, angry wolves. The haters are the problem. Not the solution.

And please... don't feed the trolls.

Love and blessings to all humans as damaged and imperfect as me. Compassion is not dead. Let it shine and teach the world to love again!


  1. Totally agree with you...but why is it dangerous to take a picture of your kid in a public place??????

    1. Apparently (by some reports) the mother of the little boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo had stopped to take a picture and that's when the kiddo ran. Such a tragic accident. I weep for the gorilla, but I also weep for the mother of the little boy.

  2. My children were little in the 60's. Those were some different car seats back then!! I leave meat out to thaw on the counter all the time but I don't eat meat! I have done a few of those things but I also love the Lord Jesus so much more now than ever before. I'm so thankful he has kept us safe.

  3. Awesome post. Exactly how I feel. I only had 1 question I did not say yes too. The one about taking your kid to the ER for an injury. My kids were a bit overly cautious and we were lucky.

    I just finished reading a book about a guy who loses his son in a car accident where his wife was driving. The police determined she had been at least partially responsible with a blood alcohol barely below the legal limit. He blamed her which of course led to divorce. Many years later he came to the realization, during AA meetings, that it had only been luck he had not been the one to be the driver and cause the death. Yes, he had many times had a few beers and drove. Then he meets a father of 2 young boys, and the father has to go spend 90 days in jail for a DUI. He takes the boys on an adventure trip out west to see all the parks. Along the way he finds ways to tell the boys that much of life is luck. We all, and really I do mean all, engage in activities where luck usually wins out. But when it does not, you can only blame yourself. No one else should be placing blame. Unless somehow they are that one perfect person on this planet that has never taken a chance. Many times these activities are just run of the mill, every day things. But we can not control chance or control other people outside of ourselves. And things happen. If something small happens we will beat ourselves up for a while but then use it as a life lesson. Anything more than that, the guilt will be with us forever. And I promise, we heap that guilt on heavy and no one needs to add to it.

    I refused to blame the parents, or the people who had to make this split second decision. But blame the zoo and society for pushing for more natural enclosures that allow more public interaction with the animals. Cincinnati is no more guilty of this than any other zoo and they need to do a better look at enclosure safety and do it quick.

    Again, eggcellent post, my dear

  4. I loved this game! Thanks for the innovative blog post :)

  5. I am guilty of passing judgment and I could say yes to almost every statement above. Thank you for opening my eyes to reality - I never thought about it in such a way as you have presented. There are many times I have sat back and said "wow if things had gone the wrong way....I (or somebody else) wouldn't be sitting here right now. You are right we are all too quick to judge and I am going to make a conscious effort to be more accepting of peoples fault but starting first with accepting mine ... GREAT ARTICLE!!!


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