Wednesday, September 3, 2014

To YOU - who Helped My Family

Thank You!

Clearly you understood that we are a proud family and very much want to work for everything we get. That is why you sent a $200 gift card for the Food Lion grocery store (a grocery chain with a store in our town) to us under the cover of anonymity. 

My family is truly, honestly thankful!

And to all of those who have become sponsors of the Natural Chicken Keeping blog, who have commissioned portraits or scheduled photography sitting with me...
Thank You!

We never expected this and never wanted to be in a position where we needed this kind of help (who does?)... but YOU have helped us in immeasurable ways!

You have supplied us with groceries or are giving us a chance to earn something towards our bills following the loss of my husband's job.  

You have also made us feel humbled and blessed in the most wonderful of ways. Please know that while we may or may not know your identities, we are thankful for your presence in our lives today!

Today my husband has been away for more than 8 hours helping a wonderful older gentleman cut firewood. If you follow Natural Chicken Keeping on FaceBook, you may have seen the following status update:

"There will always be times in our lives that we are challenged. While at first it may feel like we are breaking down, like a muscle we must break down a bit and become sore in order to grow stronger.

My family is faced with hard times right now - it's true... but that does not prevent us from seeing the beauty in this world and the kindness around us. We have been shown great kindness from friends on the internet we have never met in person in the form of art, writing and photography jobs for me. People have purchased my eBook (a BIG thank you to all who have given us opportunities to earn something towards bills and food).

So let me tell you a little story.
In order to prepare for the upcoming winter, we located a used wood-burning stove as it will keep costs down for us and allow us to be self-sufficient where heating our home is concerned. We went to pick the stove up, and met the kindest, most wonderful people you can imagine! We sat on the porch, shootin' the breeze for hours.

Later we went down to show the kids the garden where they helped dig up potatoes, pick fresh vegetables and apples. After spending nearly 5 hours with some of the nicest people we have ever met, we left with our old Suburban filled with not only a large wood burning stove, but potatoes, apples and vegetables that will last us for weeks!

My boys will be going up there to help cut firewood in return for enough firewood to get us through the coldest of winters... and we have made the kind of friends that will become more like family for years to come.

Yes - these are stressful times for my family. Yet a day like today does so very much to restore a person's joy in life itself!
And I am feeling amazingly thankful and happy!"

Doesn't that just restore faith in humanity and good, kind people?
Yes - that's where my husband went this morning and he's still not home at 7:30 p.m. tonight. (My 19-year-old son would have gone with him, but thankfully he is working today. He just recently got on part-time at Walmart and we are proud of him!)

Yes - it can be a very depressing and stressful thing to be in a position where we don't know what tomorrow will bring or how we will pay bills, but we can clearly see that our cup is half full! And we are so thankful! (Have I mentioned how thankful we are?)

My husband and I have applied for a wide range of jobs in our area. We are actively seeking employment... but we don't have full-time work just yet. I am sure it will be coming our way soon!

Please know that whether you have allowed us to work for you or have given us a means of feeding our family anonymously, your actions are appreciated more than you could ever know! We don't take this lightly.

A little something I've been working on for someone over the last week. :-)

Our youngest is fighting yet another round of pneumonia... times are what they are, but YOU make it all worth fighting for! Never underestimate the value of optimistic thinking. Never forget to stop and smell the roses - to see the beauty amid the chaos. Never lose your faith in humanity. This life is worth the fight.

Our most sincere thanks to our friends and Natural Chicken Keeping readers.
YOU are what this roller-coaster of life is about. 

If we didn't experience the hard and bad times thrown at us, by what comparison would we measure the amazing joys life has to offer? It's all about perspective, is it not?

...And now back to our regularly scheduled chicken keeping tips.



  1. M'Lady:
    When you wish for a miracle from GOD, there are many things one can do...
    but I believe that there are 2 equally important things one MUST do, before doing anything else.

    #1) Pray. get on your knees & pray your heart out.
    here on Earth, we have snail mail, email, air mail & mail by telegraph(tho telegraph is not used as much as it once was).
    In Heaven, they have prayer. that's it. The reason is, I believe, is that all them other mails get in the way of prayer...but that's just my opinion.

    #2) do EVERYTHING you can do to prepare for a miracle.
    Study the word of GOD; pray; study some more; make yourself ready to accept this miracle from GOD....this could be an entire host of things, OR, it might only be 1 or 2 things you need to do. Everyone & every situation, is completely different. Maybe you're not sure WHAT to do to make yourself ready for this miracle that is coming...I can promise you that GOD knows.
    Talk to him just like you'd talk to your best friend here on Earth. You just may be surprised at what he tells you.

    Now I do not presume to be the leading authority on Heaven, or GOD, Or miracles, or anything else for that matter. I just know what works.

    And do not expect a miracle at 14 minutes & 32.056 seconds after the hour of 2 pm on the 3 rd monday of the month of June....God does not work like that....never has, & he never will.
    GOD has his own time schedule. it may be days, weeks, months...even years before GOD blesses you with a miracle...or in your case, ANOTHER miracle.

    which reminds me.

    Who said GOD is limited to only 1 miracle per person, family, place, situation, etc?

    GOD has no limits. never has had any either.
    so do not limit GOD to a certain time frame, situation, etc.

    on a personal note, It warms my heart to see GOD working in someone's life...what you have is a testimony that will last a life time & a (for lack of a better description) story that you can use to witness to others for 6 months or more. :)

    May GOD continue to keep you & bless you all the days of your life.

    May you live long enough to be buried in a coffin, made from a 100 year old Oak Tree, that I shall plant tomorrow.

    ~Irish proverb for long life~

  2. Thanks for the update!!! Wonderful :D Still praying for that job for hubby (and hoping you can still be at home!)

    1. We are hopeful! And in the mean time, my non-chicken-y husband is really appreciating the birds right now, for the abundance of eating eggs, the egg sales and for the fact that THIS blog started because of my fowl addiction. LOL! I don't think he'll ever make comments again about how much time I am "wasting" on the NCK blog!

  3. Leigh,
    I am new to your blog, but in the short time I have been here, I feel akin to you in many ways. Even though you and your family are in a 'hard place' right now, you are facing it with such courage and resilience. I read so much positive energy and spirit in your writing. Though your writing, you have given me such hope and renewed strength. Thank you! It is wonderful to see so many acts of random kindness for you and your family. I would wish one to everyone today :) I want that I had more to give to you than this: I wish for you peace on this journey, my new friend. I wish that the road would rise to meet you and that each day grant you new inspiration and happiness.
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me :)

    1. It's a pleasure to meet you, and thank you so much for your kind words!
      I truly believe that kindness inspires kindness. It has been proven time and again. And I love your sentiment - wishing an act of random kindness to everyone today! Yes - THAT is what it is all about!
      Have a great day and a wonderful week.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You have an obvious talent as a painter, I would stick with that, keep building a presence on the web, Flickr have etsy sites, for example. Do you know the idea of 'companions', sometimes called chimney boards, they are antique flat wooden painted figures that used to go besides fireplaces, normally representing people but your chickens would make wonderful ones. It is always better to work for oneself. If you put yourselves back in the job market you are still going to be at the whim of the next problem in the present financial crisis, which is not going away any time soon. Having the ability to farm and land to produce your own quality food is also a major advantage in the present World situation, good food is everything, You can do without all else. With regards to medical bills, I think I'm right that you mentioned these before, look to nutritional support rather than medical. Both conditions you mentioned respond well to limiting certain foods and strict organic diets, they are both linked to toxicity problems and an inability to detox. You are in a pole position to provide that and/or at least to research it and find out more. Just a few ideas any way from the other side of the Atlantic. All the best Sue


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